Plant Cell and Molecular biology, 15hp

The course in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology serves as an introduction into the Master of Science Programme in Plant and Forest Biotechnology. The course will begin with an overview of the Masters Programme including selected guest lectures from experts in various aspects of plant and forest biotechnology. In order to ensure that all students begin the programme with the required knowledge, we will begin the course with an overview of the plant cell and its unique structures and a review of basic molecular cell biology. This will then be followed by advanced teaching in plant cell biology; including the role and function of the plant organelles, primary and secondary plant metabolism, and the unique features of the plant cell wall with reference to its importance for biotechnology. The summation for the course will be a presentation of the dynamics of the plant cell, showing how the different organelles and different cellular processes are regulated to produce a functioning cell responsive to the environment and the needs of the growing plant.

The course is organized by the two departments of UPSC; the department of plant physiology at UmeƄ University (UmU) and the department of forest genetics and plant physiology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).